The Message To Aliens

If aliens do exist and you have a chance to contact to them, what would you say?

A few days ago, scientist with the National Geographic Channel invited people to send their message to the aliens by twitter tagged with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs . The crowdsourced message then will be beamed into space on August 15, 2012. This is a part of effort to respond to the Wow! signal, a mysterious signal that was detected in 1977 by scientist and allegedly sent by aliens.

And below is a list of people message to the aliens, I got them from twitter, using the hashtag #ChasingUFOs :

Hey I’ve never met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my geographical coordinates, so abduct me maybe? (by Houdini)

Please when you invide Earth,don’t touch Chris Wolstenholme, Dom Howard, Matt Bellamy and Tom Kirk. Sincerely, a very caring muser. (by Little one)

Hello aliens. Can we live there when we destroy Earth? (by Little one)

I will Fuck you ass up if you come to earth. (by Jay Cuhh)

if you are actually in there,please come visit me sometime (of course with human shape). I want to learn about yours technology. (by Ramadhani Asrar)

Hello future friends, please explain why money is holding back humans progression. (by Ethaniel Masters)

Is there alien racism in space? (by Abby Donahue)

I love you, I don’t know you, but I love you yet, hope we can see soon, and drink some wine. xxx kiss. (by enrica einatra)

I might not live by the spacetime 😉 you recieve this but there is hope in the human race. Please dont destroy us. (by Javier)

Dear beings of space hope you find us soon, you have some explaining. Have a safe trip, live long and prosper and YOLO. (by Josef Vasquez)

Hi,when u come to us? (by Marco Volpe)

If you are to judge us then do so by seeing us as individuals–writers, composers, scientists, volunteers–full of hope. (by MoonflowerFae)

I know you’re in hiding in there. Come quickly!! (by Samuel Kim)

Is there a time when you all will visit earth and reveal yourselves? And is there a speed faster than the speed of light? (by Tommy Feder)

if you do exist aliens, approach us in the Mass Effect video game way, itll be for the best for both of us. (by Ryan)

Aliens do you exist? please if you exist come to earth, we want to see you and understand what you look like. (by Salim Garba)

Doctor, please take me with you. I am bored with earth and it’s inhabitants. (by Rachel Noble)

Test test test .. alien please answer my called. (by WeasLeyira)

 I want a great intelligence to come down and teach our society how to get along and stop destroying our earth! Save US Please. (by Spencer Hoton)

 Can u send some clearer message? scientists here on earth are TOO DAFT to interpret simple signs as communication. We love you. (by Paoladm)

My own message is “Hi space aliens, I’ve never met you, but if you do exist, would you like to visit my planet & tell us about ur life there? :)”

How about you?


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